Lighting Design

Robertson Cafe University of Akron

The famous Hawthorn Studies of the early 1900s attempted to link increased employee productivity with improved lighting conditions. The study’s conclusions were instrumental in understanding the association between a person’s mood and good lighting design.


A good lighting design enhances the aesthetic of the space and becomes an extension of the architecture. CJL Engineering focuses on creating a balance between function and artistry, while maintaining an energy efficient and cost effective design.

Lighting Design Services

Interior lighting plans

Exterior lighting plans

Lighting control system design

Lighting fixture selections

Interior & exterior photometric calculations

LEED® light pollution analysis

LEED® lighting controllability analysis

Energy code compliance documentation

CJL Lighting Philosophy

Complement architectural elements within the space

Enhance the mood of the space

Create a lighting design that increases productivity and performance

Maintain an energy efficient design

Utilize latest lamp technology including LEDs and high efficiency fluorescents

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