Energy Solutions



Energy Management                         Engineering & Design

Energy Studies / Modeling                   Cogeneration / CHP

Metering & Targeting                            Waste Heat Recovery

Energy Audits                                       Water Systems

Measurement & Verification                  Wind

Process & Energy Optimization            Solar

Utilities Accounting                                Geothermal

Computational Fluid Dynamics              Thermal Storage

Today, there are a multiple reasons that the spotlight is on energy usage. CJL Engineering clients are keenly interested in 1) what they can do to reduce energy costs, 2) how to comply with constantly changing regulatory requirements, and 3) how to face the environmental challenges that adversely affect our land, water, and atmosphere.


CJL Engineering provides clarity when it comes to your long-term sustainability plan and operational efficiency goals. We have extensive experience in the design, commissioning and construction of high performance energy solutions. We emphasize integrated design and operational strategies for sustainable site development, water conservation, energy efficiency, resource conservation, and indoor environmental quality.