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Modern Urban Wastewater Treatment Plant

CJL Engineering provides a wide range of Civil and Structural Engineering services for a variety of commercial, residential, government and industrial facilities.  Our broad range of services allows us to handle all aspects of a project from sewage planning to structural design.


Projects have included site plan development, water and sanitary sewer extensions, pavement rehabilitation design, parking lot expansion, storm water management analysis and design, erosion and sedimentation control facility design, roadway design, ADA accessibility design.  CJL also provides permitting services for various municipal, county, state and federal entities.


Civil Design Services

Structural design

Existing building analysis

Sanitary sewer, pump stations, treatment

Site design

Storm water management

Erosion and sedimentation control


Municipal services

Subdivision design

Roadway design and improvements

Water systems

Recreational facilities

CJL Civil Design Philosophy

Promote and achieve design standards that meet client expectations

Ensure timely delivery of project output

Strive for cost-effective solutions that limit environmental impacts

Build user confidence with safe designs and design elements

Create innovative solutions for a diverse range of projects

Implement standards for design longevity

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