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CJL Engineering Employees Celebrate Milestone Anniversaries for 2022

While our offices are still closed until next week, we wanted to give a shout out to all of those that are celebrating a #CJLversaryย before we close out 2022!

If there is any secret to success it is within your team.ย CJL Engineeringย could not do what we do without the dedication, commitment and enthusiasm fromย #thecjlteam. Thank you to all of you, especially those celebrating a milestone anniversary this year!

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Jim Vizziniย (30) – Kent Lewis (25) –ย Jaclyn Krawczyk,EIT,LEED APย (15) –ย Geoff Fordย (15) – Bradley Allis (15) –ย Mark Roskoย (15) –ย Christy Cramerย (15) – Brian Johns (15) – William Patrick (10) –ย Joe Ruisย (10) –ย Susan Wydrenskiย (5) –ย Jeffrey McKendree, PE, CETย (5) –ย Cristian (Cris) Harbaugh, PEย (5) –ย Megan Pattersonย (5) –ย Janpaul Villaย (5)

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