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CJL Engineering Adds Air Ionization Units at Johnstown Office to Mitigate Airborne Pathogens

Air Ionization Units

CJL Engineering (http://www.cjlengineering.com/), a multi-disciplinary mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering consulting firm, recently installed three Air Ionization Units into the HVAC system at its Johnstown, PA location.

“As Consulting Engineers who design building systems, good air quality is always part of our mindset; the COVID-19 surge has brought it into sharper focus,” said Jim Vizzini, CJL Managing Partner.

“In the face of this pandemic, strategies to protect occupant health and reduce the spread of the disease have come to the forefront of building design. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is more important than ever, impacting the health, comfort, well-being and productivity of building occupants,” Vizzini said,

CJL has installed three needlepoint ion generators in its Johnstown office building. This ionization equipment is effective in reducing harmful pollutants and odors by introducing positive and negative ions in the system airflow.

The technology is proven to neutralize airborne particles and destroy bacteria and viruses at the cellular level without increasing ozone levels in the space. The small, duct-mounted units deploy ions into the air stream, exchanging electrons with atoms and molecules. This process neutralizes airborne particulate matter, aerosols, VOCs, and pathogens. Neutralized particles are trapped in the HVAC system’s filter, preventing further re-circulation throughout the building. The 60-plus employees in the Johnstown office will benefit not only from the reduced risk of airborne infection but also improved indoor air quality.

The air ionization units are not the only pathogen-fighting products installed in the Johnstown office. When CJL moved to its current location in 2008, renovations took place to the facility; a former car dealership which had been vacant for an extended period. During renovations, concentrated Ultraviolet Lighting was incorporated in the HVAC system. Recommended by ASHRAE and the CDC, ultraviolet (UV-C) lights have a proven track record of killing viruses, fungi, bacteria and pathogens on surfaces through a process called ultraviolet germicidal irradiation. According to Vizzini, the air ionization units supplement the existing UV lights.

“The benefits of these units, combined with the low electricity draw and ease of retrofit installation, made this an easy decision for CJL Leadership,” Vizzini said. “We work with many existing and new clients on reducing air borne pathogens and have a team of Professional Engineers who have presented on this topic on various platforms.”