Elk Regional Medical Center

Elk Regional Medical Center
  • The system consists of a BioMass 16 million BTUH High Pressure Steam Boiler, which burns wood chips for fuel.
  • A separate building was constructed to house the BioMass Boiler System, along with a separate wood fuel holding building.

CJL Engineering was selected to design a 16 million BTU High Pressure Steam System utilizing a BioMass Boiler for Elk Regional Medical Center. Elk Regional Medical Center is the first hospital in the State of Pennsylvania utilizing BioMass Boilers for heating of the hospital facility, domestic water heating, humidification and process steam for sterilization in autoclaves.

St. Francis - DiSepio Institute

Health & Wellness Center

  • The Geothermal System is comprised of 44 wells; 350 feet deep with a heat pump design will serve the HVAC needs of the building.
  • Energy Modeling was used to calculate the heating and cooling loads of the glazing walls, windows and skylights.
  • Emergency Generator Distribution System for life safety devices and heat pumps can carry the building for any unforeseen shut-down of power.
St. Francis - DiSepio Institute

The new 30,000 sq. ft. DiSepio Institute is an education and research center, providing a rehabilitation center, strength and conditioning center, classrooms and research facilities. The  center serves the University’s Rural Health Sciences program that focuses on a telemedicine curriculum linking medical centers with remote locations.

Kane BioMass Boiler   

Kane HS BioMass Boiler
  • This combustion unit utilizes a series of air induction fans controlled by VFD’S to maintain a burn chamber temperature of 1800° F. A fire tube boiler unit fits atop the combustion unit and provides the heat transfer means to generate hot water.
  • The combustion by-products are drawn through a cyclone separator, removing particulates prior to exhausting to the atmosphere.

The Kane Area School District obtained a grant to install a 6 million BTU BioMass Hot Water Boiler System to serve the Senior High School. CJL Engineering designed the installation which utilizes lumber yard waste as its primary fuel source. The design included a combustion unit with an Automated Auger Fuel Feeding System. The payback for this system installation will be less than seven (7) years by utilizing sawdust produced from local lumber yards.

Valley Mall Chillers

Hagerstown, MD

  • Two new, high efficiency, nominal 900-Ton chillers were added.
  • An existing 1,100-Ton chiller was retained for emergency use.
  • The upgraded plant design incorporated new chilled water distribution piping to accommodate a 30,000 sq. ft. addition ongoing at the time of the project.
Valley Mall Hagerstown PA

CJL Engineering provided a system assessment, and then designed a Chilled Water Plant and HVAC upgrade to the 30-year-old Valley Mall. The 900,000 sq. ft. shopping mall in Hagerstown MD is owned by Pennsylvania Real Estate investment Trust.