High Performance ~ Green ~ USGBC

PNC Branch Banks

PNC Branch Lobby
  • Standardizing systems to simplify and reduce PNC costs for purchasing, construction, operations, and maintenance.
  • High performance envelope and glazing system enables maximum exposure to daylight while significantly reducing thermal losses and solar heat gain.
  • Efficient Atrium lighting systems that automatically dim and shut off.

PNC Branch Banks are the first LEED® volume certified buildings in the U.S. ranging from Certified to Gold levels. PNC presently has over 150 certified buildings and is the largest single LEED® owner in the country.

Pittsburgh Energy Innovation Center

  • High Performance envelope with improved insulation, high performance glazing and sawtooth clerestories, daylighting.
  • Geothermal heating/cooling, EcoClean boilers with recycled plastic pellet fuel
  • Microturbine Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generators, using biofuels, for off-grid peak demand shaving.
Energy Innovation Center

The Connelley Trade School underwent renovations and created the Pittsburgh Green Innovation Center, a cutting-edge training, education, and research center that will support the new green economy in Western Pennsylvania.   PGI will showcase new and evolving green building technologies and will demonstrate energy efficient building systems performance and energy generation using renewable biofuels.

BJC Data Center

BJC Datacentre
  • Data Center incorporates high density heat containment approach to minimize cooling energy requirements and maximize environmental data equipment power and cooling loads.
  • The Data Center cooling load heat rejection is recovered and used for various hospital heating needs, including boiler makeup water preheat, VAV reheat, and Domestic Hot Water preheat.
  • The Data Center is built to Tier 3 standards.

The new 30,000 sq. ft. Tier 3 primary Data Center for BJC Healthcare, St. Louis, MO is being located on an existing hospital being developed as a green healthcare facility in accordance with LEED® criteria. The Data Center and all future buildings will be built with high performance sustainable design principles, creating an “integrated” green site.

Phipps Conservatory ‘Living Building’   

Center for Sustainable Landscapes

  • The building is designed to achieve LEED® Platinum certification level, based on the highest levels of Indoor Air Quality, energy efficiency, water conservation, and resource conservation.
  • The building will generate a net surplus of energy from renewable sources.
  • HVAC system includes geothermal heating and cooling, underfloor air, desiccant dehumidification and heat recovery.
Phipps Center for Sustainable Landscapes

The Phipps Conservatory is developing the Center for Sustainability mandating net-zero energy, waste, and water usage. It will be a landmark building that produces as much energy from renewable resources as it uses from the grid on an annual basis. It will also capture, treat and recycle wastewater and rainwater onsite.

Edinboro University

Institute for Human Services and Civility

Edinboro University Students
  • Green Building Engineering applications to achieve LEED® Silver rating.
  • Geothermal System for heating and cooling energy savings.  Under Floor Air Distribution (plenum) Systems with perimeter reheat, air highways.

The Institute for Human Services and Civility at Edinboro University is a 25,600 sq. ft. facility designed to meet LEED® Silver Certification. It will utilize numerous Green Building features, not the least of which is a Geothermal System for year round heating and cooling. The new facility will have Wireless Networking throughout to serve the classrooms, seminar rooms and tiered lecture hall.