Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall

Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall
  • Provide detailed review of each design-build proposal.
  • Act as a technical liaison between the contractors and the Owner during the bid review sessions.
  • Provide evaluation of, and recommendations on, the proposed HVAC system.

CJL Engineering was hired as a technical consultant to assist the Board of Directors of the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum in its review of two independent design-build air-conditioning proposals for this historic Pittsburgh museum.

The Benedum Center for Performing Arts

  • New cooling equipment provides reliability, redundancy and a reduction in utility costs.    Lower chilled water temperatures improve dehumidification, and provide flexibility for non-event cooling loads.
  • New chillers, cooling towers, controls, pumps and associated electrical infrastructure
  • The new plant has two 275-Ton centrifugal electric chillers; one 175-Ton electrical screw compressor chiller, two-285-Ton cooling towers, three VFD pumps, all new piping and chemical feed tanks and 2 refrigeration leak exhaust systems.
Benedum Center

The Benedum Center for the Performing Arts is the premier multi-purpose venue in Pittsburgh’s Cultural District. Built in 1927 as the Stanley Theater, the 2,800-seat hall is home to four of Pittsburgh’s opera and dance companies, and hosts a diverse range of touring productions.

Pittsburgh Zoo

The Water's Edge

Polar Bear
  • Water circulates through a complex series of sand filters, valving, and holding tanks designed for arctic saltwater. Ozone gas is pumped into the system to clean the water.
  • The three exhibit areas feature rocky beaches, and mechanical systems are hidden from view.
  • The public can walk through 4” thick glass tunnels and see the animals above them. The innovative air-conditioning system prevents condensation, giving the audience a clear and unobstructed view beneath the water.

CJL Engineering provided the professional mechanical and electrical consulting services for Water’s Edge, an innovative new exhibit at the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium.  Water’s Edge, a LEED Compliant project, was designed for polar bears, sea otters, and walruses.  Each aquatic species has its own indoor holding facility and outdoor pool.  A vegetative green roof was installed over the building for aesthetics, as well as additional insulation. There is over 450,000 gallons of chilled seawater in the outdoor pools, maintained between 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit.  Water’s Edge opened in November 2006, and was featured on CNN.

School for Creative and Performing Arts

Pittsburgh CAPA High School

The Electrical Engineering design for the CAPA High School includes:

  • Lighting systems for the classrooms, studios, cafeteria, corridors, lobbies, auditorium and gymnasium Power Distribution System with emergency back-up
  • Fire Alarm, Security, and Public Address Systems
  • A Panasonic Astrovision screen (30 feet high and 21 feet wide) faces Ft. Duquesne Boulevard at the 9th Street Bridge, showcasing the best creative work of the CAPA High School students
Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts School

The Pittsburgh High School for the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) is a vertically functional and visually exciting educational facility in the city’s Cultural District. The school’s exterior redefines many of the visual elements used in the Bitz Building, a nine-story Beaux Arts style building that adjoins CAPA. Philanthropist François Bitz donated the actual building site; six floors of his creatively retrofit building are structurally connected to the school and used for additional classroom and studio space.

Byham Theater

Restoration and Retrofit

Byham Theatre
  • Replacement of the entire building’s electrical systems including service entrance,  switchgear, theatrical lighting / control, audio / visual system, fire alarm system, telecommunication data system and historical lobby renovation.
  • Plumbing systems included new domestic water service assembly, domestic water heating, roof drainage and sanitary / vent system.

The restoration and adaptive retrofit of the historic Fulton Building provides the location for both the Byham Theatre and the Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel. The 1,300-seat Byham Theatre, a totally restored performance hall which originally opened on Halloween, 1904 as the Gayety Vaudeville Theatre.  The building’s hotel component has 300 luxury guest rooms, a business center, meeting rooms, wine bar, cocktail bar and restaurant.

Community Arts Center

Restoration and Retrofit

  • The HVAC system features quiet air distribution with less than a 20 dB sound at maximum level.
  • New chillers, air-handling and distribution units have direct digital controls.
  • Original lighting fixtures were restored. New stage lighting and a sound system were added.
  • New theatrical lighting, new fire alarm, security and emergency lighting systems.
Community Arts Center

The former Capitol Theater in Williamsport, PA received a total retrofit and sensitive historic renovation, to emerge as the Community Art Center. The performing arts complex seats 2,200 people. CJL Engineering designed all HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing Systems, retrofit within the recreated original interior that existed in 1928.