Central Plant

Cambria County War Memorial Arena

Cambria Memorial Arena
  • New Chilled Water Plant has two – 300-Ton chillers, and also serves the adjacent Frank J. Pasquerilla Conference Center.
  • Central station air-handling units and a 4-pipe heating and cooling system serve the HVAC needs of the building.
  • Rink refrigeration: low temperature ice building chiller, evaporative condenser, Ethylene Glycol pumps for rink piping, and redundant compressor/pumping arrangement.

The Cambria County War Memorial Arena is a 4,000-seat multi-purpose sports and exhibition facility. In a recent expansion/renovation, the arena gained Central Air-Conditioning, new seating, improved public access, and ADA Compliance.

University of Pittsburgh – Upper Campus

Chilled Water Plant and Hi-Pressure Steam

  • A primary, secondary pumping system utilizes a water pump for each chiller, and three secondary pumps with variable speed drives. The total capacity of the pumping system is 8,160 gpm designed for a 15 degree F. delta T.
  • Underground 20” chilled water piping, along with 12” high-pressure steam, 6” pump discharge, and 2” high-pressure return, were installed in a common 10’ side trench. The steam system consisted of over 1,000 ft. of high-pressure and six steam vaults.
University of Pittsburgh - Upper Campus

CJL Engineering provided the mechanical and electrical engineering design for the 5,100-ton upper  campus chilled water plant for the University of Pittsburgh. The massive 7,000 sq. ft. plant is 30 feet high, and houses three 900-ton and two 1200-ton chillers.

Akron Thermal District Chiller

Akron Thermal District Chiller
Akron Energy Systems, LLC is Downtown Akron’s leading business district energy provider.
  • New 1,000-Ton Chiller parallels the existing plant’s 1,000-Ton Chiller.
  • Increased electrical capacity supports the new chiller pumps and cooling tower fan motors.
  • Structural Engineering Design includes new concrete floor and building shell expansion to support the new chiller, associated pumps and controls.

Akron Thermal, the district energy provider for the City of Akron, Ohio. Located in center-city Akron, a new 1,000-Ton steam absorption chiller, and a 1,000-Ton cooling tower .

Northside Medical Center

Chilled Water Plant System

  • Upgrade Central Chilled Water Plant to 4,000-Ton capacity by the addition of two 1,200-Ton chillers. One existing 400-Ton and 1,200-Ton chillers remained.
  • In surgery units require colder temperatures and tight humidity control, so a supplemental chiller was added to reduce water temperatures from 46 degrees F. to 38 degrees F. during peak cooling times.
Northside Medical Center

Northside Medical Center gained a substantially expanded Chilled Water Plant as a direct result of Forum Health’s comprehensive Master Facility Plan and Implementation.


University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown

Krebs Hall and Biddle Hall

University of Pittsburgh Johnstown
  • Replaced original air-handlers with new components that were designed so the wall panels and HVAC components could be transported individually through the extremely limited access openings.
  • Through our vast network of contacts, our firm teamed with Tillman Associates of Houston, Texas to develop the replacement strategy.

Two of the original administrative/classroom buildings on The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown (UPJ) are Krebs and Biddle Halls. Originally opened in 1967, the aging mechanical systems were in need of replacement. CJL Engineering was hired to assess and redesign new HVAC Systems for these high visibility campus buildings.